Hundreds of Animal Slaughtered Cruelly in the name of Sacrifice during ‘Chhatar Jatra’ in Kalahandi

Despite a ban imposed by district administration


Bhavanipatna:Over Hundreds of Animals slaughtered cruelly in the name of old Rituals making  during ‘Chhatar Jatra’ to make Maa Manikeswari in  happy . Hundreds of animals were sacrificed as the famous Chhatar Yatra of Goddess Manikeswari began amid much religious fervour here in Kalahandi district in Odisha

Sources Reveal ‘Mundabasa’ ritual of the Goddess was performed at the temple here on Ashtami tithi today at the midnight.

Later, the Goddess was taken out to Jenakhala on the western side of the town, some four kilometres away where the ‘Gupta Puja’ (Secret Worship) of the Goddess was held early morning.

Meanwhile, the Chhatar of the Goddess is being brought back in a large procession to the temple and is expected to reach the main temple by noon.

As per rituals, animals are sacrificed on the road during the procession of Chhatar, the return journey of the Goddess, from Jenakhala to the main temple. Devotees also release pigeons for fulfillment of their wishes.