Jay Panda’s Helicopter seized by Odisha Police,Panda cries foul


Bhubaneswar:Supended BJD MP Jay Panda cries foul after Puri Police seizes his Helicopter on charges of making an undeclared landing on the Chilika Lake on Saturday, creating panic among the locals.

The Puri police has seized the helicopter  after Binod Acharya, Assistant Conservator of Forests of the Chilika Development Authority (CDA), filed written complaint at Marine Police Station in Arakhkuda in Puri.

“The local people, tourists and fishermen became frightened of such act by the pilot and inmates of the chopper. Such unauthorised flying over ‘No Flying Eco Sensitive Zone’ is causing hovering over the water making the atmosphere noxious and fouling the Chilika Lake water, damaging the navigation route,” the complaint read.

The seaplane landed at 1.30 pm at Nanganashi Mouth of Chilika and it was creating loud noise. The plane took off in 10-15 minutes after staying on water in floating position.

Neither the local administration nor police were informed about the helicopter’s landing and purpose behind it.

However Panda clarified through series of Tweets ,It so happened I had flowed a Helicopter on Saturday and at a different time,I flew from 8:45 AM and landed at Kendrapada at 10:28am and flew from Kendrapada at 12.50pm and Landed at Bhubneswar at 1.30 pm,also saying ATC Record will prove my exact movement

Notably In June, the AAI had announced to set up aerodrome projects in Odisha, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and Assam. Chilika in Odisha was the preferred site. A team of experts from the Centre had visited the area and conducted a study after the Civil Aviation Ministry gave its nod to the Chilika proposal.

However The Chilika Development Authority (CDA) had informed the media, saying the Airports Authority of India (AAI) cancelled the project in the lake citing the reason that “if implemented, it will negatively impact the ecosystem and the surrounding human population”.