OPV ‘Vijaya’ Joins Indian Coast Guard Fleet at Paradip for East Coast Security


Paradip: The Security of 480km long stretch of Odisha Coastline will receive a boost after Offshore Patrol Vessel (OPV) ‘Vijaya’ has joined the Indian Coast Guard (ICG) at the Paradip port.

A move aimed at strengthening the Indian Coast Guard’s maritime protection capabilities off eastern coast, an Offshore Patrol Vessel (OPV) ‘Vijaya’ arrived at the Paradip coast on yesterday.

OPV’Vijay’will secure Odisha coastline security, economic zone surveillance as well as search and rescue stranded fishermen

ICG DIG Rakesh Makwana received the most advanced OPV here yesterday (Thursday) while ‘Vijaya’ was launched by Defence Secretary Sanjay Mitra on September 14.

‘Vijaya’ which have been constructed at L&T Sea Pad at Chennai was received by Coast Guard DIG Rakesh Makwana at the Paradip coast in the presence of other officials.

Fitted with advanced navigation and communication equipment the new OPV measures 98-metre in length and is capable of carrying limited pollution response equipment to contain oil spill in sea. In addition it has also been equipped with a 30 mm gun with fire control system.

‘Vijaya’ was launched on September 14 by Defence secretary, Sanjay Mitra aiming at providing extensive surveillance to the Exclusive Economic Zones in the country. It is also capable of carrying out search and rescue operations.

‘Vijaya’ headed by Commandant Harinder Jit Singh will be manned by 12 officers and 91 men.