‘Santa inside Bottle’ a unique creation by Sculptor on Christmas Eve

Creativity ushered in with spirituality is what makes L Eshwar Rao Special,He created a unique ‘Santa’ inside bottle on the eve of Christmas.

Eshwar had Created World Cup Replica during ongoing World Cup Hockey,which was held in Bhubaneswar. Eshwar has designed a Ganesha idol out of 320 Tamarind seeds. The eco-friendly idol is 8 inches tall and it took him 15 days to complete the entire structure

It took only 2 Days for Eswar to put Santa inside a Bottle

Other than the seeds, he have used matchsticks for lining, glass for the base, glue for pasting and absolutely nothing else.

Rao hails from Gopinathpur in Jatni, and has been making idols out of almost everything he could lay his hand on – wood, pencil, rice grain, haldi, rubber and even lead batteries.
His unique works include stone crafts in bottle, soap carving, wood carving, coal carving, stone carving and tamarind seeds carving.

He is known for his miniature idols in bottles because of which the locals address him as ‘bottle-bhitara karigara’.

Rao doesn’t sell his work and has a personal museum at home displaying them. This time, he is holding an exhibition showcasing Ganesha idols created by him over the last 15 years.

He has been working on such pieces for the last 25 years and has won numerous awards for the same. “I want to take this art form forward,” he said, and hoped that the state government supports him in his effort.

Ironically State Government is yet to support the Scupltor by any means